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Action Concrete Pumping Supply Store is a Concrete Pumping Dealership, specializing in all types of brand new trailer concrete pumping equipment, grout pumping equipment, towable and hand grout pumps, shotcrete & gunite pumping equipment, plaster pumping equipment (Tommy Guns), and parts along with accessories. Action also sells mortar mixers, power trowels, and all the parts needed for servicing and maintaining your machines.

Many items are in-stock in our retail store or we will order what you need for fast delivery. Pick-up in store or we will have your parts shipped directly to you.

Action Concrete Pumping Supply Store carries parts for all different makes and models of concrete equipment. We offer both original manufacturer parts, "OEM," as well as cost-effective and reliable aftermarket parts.

Action Supply is your shotcrete supply superstore, we carry all of the shotcrete and gunite equipment and tools for the job.

When you need seamless access to repair parts and accessories, you want “Action” for the fastest and most convenient access to concrete pumps for sale and parts.

Trust Action Supply above other online concrete pump brokers or craigslist concrete pumps in the equipment for sale section. 

We inspect, service, and repair all makes and models of new and used concrete pumping equipment, shotcrete pumps, plaster pumps, mixers, and more.

We also buy used concrete pumps and offer in store consignment agreements to sell your used concrete pumps for you locally or online.

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Scott Neely

Scott Neely

Starting at an early age, Scott had begun to receive early exposure to business, the concrete pumping industry, sales, and how all three combined to create a prospering and successful business. While being a salesman for his father, he was able to sell, promote, and advertise building material supplies and concrete equipment. His early experience was able to filter into his very first business in San Jacinto, California doing landscaping, masonry, and concrete. Scott was able to use his commitment, knowledge, and dedication to create something bigger. By the year 2005, Scott was able to carry his ambition to Phoenix, Arizona where he started his second business, Action Concrete Pumping. Here, he dove into all the trials and errors that come with the concrete pumping industry, and after nearly 15 years, he has come out on top and earned, yet another, successful triumph. By the time Scott declared that Action Concrete Pumping Supply was his next mission, he began to plan all its future achievements, and by 2018 they started to come to life. To Scott Action Concrete Pumping Supply is not just another business. It is the start of another endeavor to service those who are following behind him in the concrete pumping industry. Aside from being selfless in all his work, he continues to lend a helping hand to those who need it, to those who ask for it, and to those who want to perform at an expert level. To do so and with the help of his shotcrete nozzleman, Mike Echeverria, he extended his accomplishments and resources to create the National Shotcrete Association to allow those interested in becoming certified concrete pump operators and shotcrete nozzleman. Even after many successful moments, Scott still enjoys taking the time to share memories with his wife, 5 children, and 2 grandchildren. His hope is to continue growing as a businessman, to continue growing as teacher, and to continue growing as a family man.


Maria Velasquez

The mastermind behind Action Concrete Pumping Supply's success and financial security is our very own vice president, Maria. With 7 years of experience in quality control at Mexican Industries Manufacturing, Maria has gathered a plethora of experience in working with manufacturing companies. After 7 years, she advanced to work for Heritage as an accountant and remained an asset to the company for 15 years before making her way to establish her position here at Action Concrete Pumping Supply. With her previous experience in manufacturing, she has developed skills in logistics and shipping at an expert level. Maria has a deep appreciation for her family, her grandbabies, and hard work. Alongside honesty, she respects integrity and reliability. Maria likes to spend weekends away with her family, likes to enjoy the latest movies in theaters, and likes to spend time on the water. Maria's latest mission is to transition her son's, Felix and Tristen, into the world of hard work and dedication that comes with the concrete pumping industry. 

Samantha Saldana

Samantha Saldana

In order to deliver quality customer service and accurate information at Action Concrete Pumping Supply, we appointed Samantha to be our office manager and customer service representative. Samantha graduated from Mesa High School in 2017 and is currently a full-time student at Arizona State University working to obtain her Bachelor of Science in psychology aside from completing an internship with a local practice. After college, her plan is to attend medical school in Arizona to study osteopathic medicine and specialize in family medicine. Samantha has been apart of the Action Concrete Pumping Supply team for nearly 2 years and has developed the skill of understanding and using terminology used in the concrete pumping industry. In addition, she has accurately and quickly learned about the billing processes, the knowledge and stock of our inventory, and computer operation. In her spare time, she likes to exercise, study, and spend time with her family. 

Sabrina Saldana

Sabrina Saldana

To handle the speed of our Action Concrete Pumping Supply store, we have brought on Sabrina to exhibit her strong work ethic and dependability. Sabrina graduated at Mesa High School in 2009 and continued her education at Apollo College Mesa Arizona where she graduated as a certified pharmacy technician in 2011. With her fast-paced experience with pharmaceutical billing, scheduling, and team building she has been able to quickly adjust and perform at any level in the concrete pumping industry. Along with her employment at Action Concrete Pumping Supply, Sabrina has been actively working at a neighborhood pharmacy for nearly 10 years. Her future plans involve furthering her education and enjoying the journey she has with her daughter. With her spare time, she appreciates all the little moments that family has to offer, and takes the time to run, Teanies Treats, her newly founded baking business. 

Brian O. (BD)

Brian O. (BD)

To ensure that our customers are always pleased with our work and maintenance, we brought on one of the greatest assets that Action Concrete Pumping Supply has ever had. Brian started his mechanic journey during his formative years while growing up on a farm where he used and worked with farm equipment. From there his skills, knowledge, and ambition to learn about heavy machinery expanded when he joined and fulfilled 17 years in the United States Army driving and maintaining tanks. When he was not fulfilling his mechanic duty, he was a concrete truck driver, end-dump driver, and belly dump driver. Throughout his busy years he also worked in mines and batch plant facilities. Brian eventually journeyed on to work for companies like Cemex, Rinker Materials, Transmex (Swift-Mexico), Maricopa Ready Mix, RMI Ready Mix, Phoenix Ready Mix, Cemex Costa Rica, Cemex Puerto Rico, Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping and now Action Concrete Pumping Supply. Brian has performed duties in management to reduce mechanical outlays, field new equipment, set maintenance and PM schedules, dispatch mechanics, assist mechanics, and advise in the setup of computer programs. With his experience in repairing boom pumps and line pumps, Brian can take on any of your mechanical problems. Aside from living a life full of hard work and having traveled across several countries, Brian has been married to his wife of 20 years and continues to enjoy the company of his 4 children and 3 grandchildren. When he is not in his shop he is hunting, fishing, researching, passing on his skills, remodeling his home, or dancing and singing karaoke with his wife. Feel free to give us a call and ask for Brian to answer all your mechanical issues. 


Mike Echeverria

As a certified concrete pump operator and shotcrete nozzleman, Mike has been able to add two more accomplishments to his lifetime of success. Mike originally started working construction part time over the summers of a family owned business, SJ Dyer Cement Company (Shasta Pool Deck Specialist), at the age of 14. He continued to work within the construction industry and enjoyed it as a profession. With time, Mike became a shotcrete installation manager at Hardcore Skateparks, and a superintendent at California Pools. He believes that striving to learn something new every day is what keeps him committed to safety, quality, work ethic, and satisfactory jobs within the shotcrete construction industry. He also likes to take pride in his experience in throwing cool deck and having been around for decades within multiple fields of construction. After 36 years of marriage and 4 kids, Mike still enjoys learning about history, exploring antique stores, and watching the Discovery channel. 

About Us

Robert Velasquez

Robert Velasquez

Our most experienced concrete pumper was trained by Action Concrete Pumping Supply's very own President, Scott Neely. After 4 ½ years, Robert has attained all the information he needs to be a reliable, independent, and successful concrete pumper and trainer. He is a certified concrete pump operator and shotcrete nozzleman by the National Shotcrete Association. Before joining the Action Concrete Pumping Supply crew, Robert spent all his life working in construction which he learned at a young age from his father. Robert began working at Mesa Insulation throughout his teen years, at Mesa Fully Formed throughout his 20's, and finally at Ultra Awning Installations throughout his 30's. He attained his GED in management training corporation and was certified in electrical, solar, and HVAC through the NCCER. Outside of work, he likes to take the time to be with his wife of 14 years, his 5 children, and grandchildren. He enjoys the company of nature and appreciates good music and concerts.