Putzmeister manufactures boom truck pumps, trailer and line pumps, city pumps and placing - placement booms for all types of concrete pumping and specialty applications. Their trailer-mounted and stationary line pumps include rock valve and ball valve models.

Putzmeister trailer pumps and line pumps are offered in small and very large S-Valve models. The smaller models are suitable for pumping mortar, grout, shotcrete, plaster and fireproofing mixes. The larger models handle the heaviest concrete pumping tasks required by concrete high-rise construction, long-distance conveying and tunnel construction.

Putzmeister pumps are known for their innovative features, durability and high performance. Putzmeister is a world leader in the manufacture of concrete pumps.   SHOP PUTZMEISTER



Schwing manufactures boom truck pumps, trailer and line pumps, placing - placement booms to provide a model for every application. These include boom truck pumps with more than 60-meters of reach. Schwing trailer pumps and stationary line pumps are offered in several ball valve and larger rock valve models. 

Schwing trailer and line pumps are available in small to medium ball-valve models that are suitable for lightweight concrete, shotcrete, flowable fill and slurry pumping. The bigger rock-valve models pump harsh-mix concrete with large aggregate in large volumes over long distances.

Schwing is one of the world's largest concrete pump manufacturers. Schwing concrete pumps are renowned for their superior quality, performance and high resale value.   SHOP SCHWING



For over 45 Reinert has been building concrete  grout and masonry pumps that are long-lasting and easy to use. In keeping with todays’ requirements, we have continually improved our products with numerous innovative patents. Our goal is to proudly manufacture high quality pumps that are affordable, reliable and easy to use while providing high quality support and expertise for our valued customers.

Reinert pumps are built to last, engineered to keep it simple and get the job done. We are here to make sure that the product you receive is the best is can possibly be.

Whether you are looking for concrete pumps, grout pumps, masonry pumps, or wear parts you can find it all at Action P&G. All models of Reinert concrete, grout and masonry pumps feature a patented Hinge Valve, giving you easy access for inspection of the valve cups and material cylinders.  SHOP REINERT



Mayco Pumps are the premier name in concrete pumping and the industry standard for more than 40 years. Designed to increase productivity and maximize profits, let Williams Equipment and Supply provide you with the pump you need to get the job done   SHOP MULTIQUIP



Olinpump produces a wide range of pumps for concrete, shotcrete and grout. American made and manufactured for high durability and value, Olin pumps are sold through a national network of distributors like Action Pumping Supply.

Olinpump's Ball-Valve pumps offer easy operation and simple, economical maintenance. These rugged pumps are ideally suited for pumping grout and light concrete mixes containing aggregate sized to 1/2'. Several ball-valve models are designed specifically for grout, pressure-grout, shotcrete and concrete with capacities from 30 - 140 cubic yards and hour and pressures from 750 - 1,100 psi.

Olinpump's "S-Tube" or "Rock-Valve" pumps handle aggregate sized up to 1.5" with capacities from 32 - 100 cubic yards per hour. These models feature harsh-mix hoppers with optional agitators and Olin's exclusive, removable rear hopper plate for quick and easy servicing and their "Olintuf" Spectacle wear-plate and cutting ring.

Olinpump pumps are backed by a one-year / 1,000 hour warranty.  SHOP OLINPUMP



Priddy is commitment to providing the highest quality concrete pumping equipment in the industry with over 35+ years’ experience. Success comes from our experience to improve and revolutionize our industry by eliminating pipeline surge as opposed to just a bandaid. Solution. We are committed to keeping it a simple 2 cylinder "YS-Tube" concrete pump with dependability & Quality a Top Priority!   SHOP PRIDDY



EZG started as EZ Grout and was born from the desire of one man to improve the quality of equipment used in masonry. In 1988 founder and CEO Damian Lang sought to help contractors increase efficiency and profitability with American made products built from hands-on experience. Masonry equipment available at the time lacked sturdiness and reliability, causing operators to experience systemic machine clogs and mechanical failures.

Damian developed the first Grout Hog® after numerous prototypes. Over time, he perfected models by patenting new features specific only to the EZ Grout line, like clog-prevention mechanisms and an innovative delivery system.

Once Damian's invention proved useful, he turned his creative focus to other areas of construction and masonry, eventually releasing Mud Hog®, Uphill Grout Hog®, Hog Slopper®, Hog Leg®, Hog Trough® and Booger Hog®. In the early 2000's Damian introduced his Fence Hog® which now includes several models for the fencing industry. This automated fence installation equipment is well-known for saving construction crews hundreds of hours on large projects on virtually any terrain.  SHOP EZ GROUT



Blastcrete has been manufacturing safe, reliable and user-friendly solutions for the refractory and shotcrete customers for more than 60 years. With a complete product line that consists of concrete mixers, pumps and related products, the company serves the commercial and residential construction, ICF and SCIP building systems, refractory and underground markets.

As a family-owned business with a history dating back to Los Angeles in 1950, and since, Blastcrete has continued to evolve providing shotcrete, gunite, mixing and pumping equipment.   SHOP BLASTCRETE



Since 1946. American Owned. American Built. Airplaco© have been leaders in dry-mix (gunite) and wet-mix shotcrete equipment manufacturing since the invention of the process. We manufacture Grout Pumps, Mudjack Pumps, Masonry Pumps, Plaster/Stucco Pumps, Fireproofing, Mixers/Pumps, Concrete Pumps, Shotcrete Pumps, Gunite Equipment, concrete finishing tools, and parts & accessories for these machines.   SHOP AIRPLACO



ChemGrout started in 1963 as grouting contractors providing cement and chemical grouting field services. Invaluable experience was gained in the field on over 350 projects, both large and small. This field experience enables us to understand your needs and recommend the proper equipment for your application.

ChemGrout equipment was originally designed for its own use. That is why the units are engineered and constructed for rugged field use, portability and low maintenance

Each ChemGrout unit is designed for “balance” of grout delivery. Complete grouting units are always designed to allow the user continuous, non-stop grouting capability at published pumping rates for the unit. That is, the mixing tank is large and fast enough, and the storage hopper has a large enough capacity to keep the pump “fed” without interruption.

Today, ChemGrout manufactures a wide range of standard and custom-built grouting equipment to handle a diverse range of materials and capacities from 1 to 75 GPM and pressures from 50 to 2000 PSI. High-pressure pumps handle pressures to 2000 PSI and flows to 50 GPM. Systems can be skid or trailer mounted with power options that include air, gasoline, diesel, electric and hydraulic.  SHOP CHEMGROUT



Western Shotcrete Equipment has been in the shotcrete industry for over 30 years. We have excelled in building optimal quality shotcrete equipment because we know shotcrete. Our shop is tailored to equip you with everything you need to stay ahead of the competition in the field, day in, day out. 

Built in the USA, every step of the way.   SHOP WESTERN SHOTCRETE MANUFACTURING



Transcrete was first involved in the industry in 1967 when concrete pumping was a totally new concept of moving concrete from Transit trucks to formwork through a 100 mm pipeline. Not much was known about the concrete mix designs or pressures required to pump concrete. The first Transcrete concrete pump was designed and manufactured in 1968. 

By the early 1970s Transcrete was engineering standard line pump production models. In 1974 Transcrete mounted pump were completely new and unique with a “one piece” concrete valve, which Transcrete called an “S-tube” valve. The “S-tube” eliminated over 35 moving parts, two wear parts instead of 12 wear parts. Wear part costs were reduced by $ thousands. 

Transcrete’s experience in concrete and mechanical engineering was a great help in designing a concrete pump to solve the problem. That is why Transcrete pumps are the World’s Best. We were there from the start and others followed. A Transcrete concrete pump will outperform any other brand on the market … offer higher resale valve and perform to specification.   SHOP TRANSCRETE



Western is renowned for building production equipment for the plaster, stucco and fireproofing processes used in production of residential and commercial construction. Western builds the best equipment because we get involved and listen to the people in the field in order to integrate the features that make them more competitive and profitable.

It is not uncommon for Western to custom build enhancements to our equipment at the direction of our customers. The tandem axle trailer seen on our Predator pumps, on-board water batching system for fireproofing, our Powerdump feature (hydraulic powered mixer coupled with hydraulic batch dumping) and the wide selection of diesel power options are all examples of this. Continuous product improvement and prototype testing is why we are always a step ahead of the competition.

Our 90,000 square foot facility includes high quality manufacturing equipment where we produce the majority of the components here on the premises. This gives us the ability to control costs and to control the durability of the component. Additionally, designing and manufacturing our own components gives us the ability to rapidly evolve features and future models so that our customer can realize better productivity and reliability.




Valentin, CEO of GPE started as a mechanic construction equipment in 1998 for the Bay Area. He saw the opportunity of growth that he could establish in the machines currently being produced in the industry. After 20 years of experience in the business he now manufactures custom heavy duty machines for specific jobs and have our own line of pumps , Mixers and Dash pumps. Valentin, CEO of GPE started as a mechanic construction equipment in 1998 for the Bay Area. He saw the opportunity of growth that he could establish in the machines currently being produced in the industry. After 20 years of experience in the business he now manufactures custom heavy duty machines for specific jobs and have our own line of pumps.   SHOP GARGIA HEAVY DUTY