Action Concrete Pumping Supply Store is your complete source for concrete, shotcrete/gunite, grout, mortar and plaster pumping equipment and parts along with accessories. 

Action offers professional concrete tools, masonry tools, and specialty shotcrete/gunite tools. We also provide job site clean-up systems and safety products. 

Our service department provides repairs and maintenance for your concrete pumps, grout pumps, shotcrete pumps, gunite machines, and power trowels.


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America's Largest Online Concrete Pumping Supply Store

Action Concrete Pumping Supply is a nationally recognized dealer, sales and service center for all the major manufacturers. We offer new concrete pumps, shotcrete - gunite pumps, grout pumps, plaster pumps from all the major manufacturers and used equipment of all types.

Concrete Pump Wear Parts 

We offer wear parts for concrete pumps, shotcrete – gunite pumps, grout pumps and plaster pumps. Check our inventory list and call for information and ordering  assistance.  

New Power Trowels & Concrete Vibrators 

Concrete power trowels for use on concrete floors, parking lots, buildings, highways, etc., providing users with a full range of concrete leveling construction schemes. The heavy-duty concrete vibrators we offer are designed to improve productivity to keep the pour free of air bubbles and even increasing material strength and compaction.

Power Trowels & Concrete Vibrators Wear Parts

Everything you need for routine maintenance of power trowel. Kits for V-belt, arms and blades  ring guard, panel, collar assemblies, cables etc.  Concrete quality professional vibrator wear part motors, shafts, heads, plates and more.

Masonry Tools 

Our large in-store and online selection of trowels for concrete, plaster, dry wall masonry trowels, including margin trowels, and pointing trowels, concrete placers, finishing trowels, floats and more. Each is crafted with the highest quality materials all designed to help you achieve a better finish.

Concrete Finishing Tools

Large on-store and online selection of Carbon-Steel and Magnesium  trowels for concrete finishing includes concrete placers, finishing trowels, bull floats, channel, edgers and groovers, floats, Fresno trowels  and more. Each is crafted with the highest quality materials all designed to help you achieve a better finish.

Concrete Pumping Slickline Pipe

We offer a full line of seamless concrete pumping pipes, manufactured to high standards for handling the toughest mixes including deck pipe, lay down pipe, seamless boom pipe and wall pipe.

Concrete Hose Pipe Bends / Elbows  •  Concrete Hose Steel Reducers  •  Concrete Hose Boom Elbows  •  Concrete Hose Double Wall Elbows  •  Concrete Hose Reducing Elbows

Solid in various combinations, 90º and 45º elbows available Size Range: 2" to 5".

Shotcrete Nozzle Assemblies

Shotcrete nozzle assembly kits with steel heat treated insert, and aluminum air­ring. The nozzles have rubber tips that come in both vic/grooved and heavy duty.

Shotcrete Nozzle Lengths

Our shotcrete nozzleman hoses are affordable, flexible, durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. Available in carbon fiber fabric or wire braid.

Concrete Pumping Hose HD, Vic/Grooved, NPT, and Metric 

Action carries concrete pump hose in stock in various sizes and lengths. Our hoses are designed for pumping wet, or dry, material. We offer textile and steel reinforced hoses. We stock 1", 1.5", 2", 3", 3.5", 4" and 5", and carry reducing hoses. Our Bridgestone brand hoses are American made and meet the standards of the concrete pumping industry pressure ratings.

Concrete Pump Clean-Out Balls

Sponge balls for cleaning concrete hose. Sizes Range: 1" to 6".

Concrete pump primers 

Concrete pump primers coat or lubricate the pump system ahead of the concrete, allowing the concrete to stay hydrated and flow smoothly. As a cost effective measure concrete pump primers decrease wear on your equipment and will help handle often difficult mixes. Today’s primers should be environmentally safe and efficiently deliver product.  

Concrete Fibers  

We offer a full line of concrete fibers for improving the flexural strain, increased ductility to concrete, to help control cracking, improve joint stability, shear the load transfer, impact and fatigue resistance.

Concrete Performance Additives

Action provides a range of admixtures to meet the needs. Intended for Cementous based materials for shortening or lengthening concrete set-up speeds. Designed to reduce permeability, cracking, improve late age strength of heat treated concrete and extend the workability in hot weather.

Concrete Weld-On Ends -Vic/Grooved, HD, NPT, Metric, CAM LOCK

Connect/Disconnect couplings to provide for quick connecting and disconnecting by means of the camming action. Our products allows pipe and hose connections to be made without the need of hand tools or difficult threaded connections. 

Bridgestone Concrete Pump Hose 

Specialized material handling hose for cement, granules, gravel, flow sand and other particles. Concrete high-pressure head of concrete pumping, or high-pressure concrete pump outlet of the discharge pipe. Specially designed high wear-resistant inner layers suitable for handling wet concrete, mud and thin mud mixtures.

Concrete Hose Clamps - Couplings – Gaskets 

Heavy-Duty, Vic/Grooved, or Metric couplings for concrete pumping systems. Sizes range from 1-1/2” to 5”. Adjustable and non-adjustable clamps. Gaskets designed to be used with concrete pump clamps. Sizes range: from 1-1/2” to 6”. 

Air Hose 

Compressed air hose, also known as soft wall air tube, for compressed air and pneumatic. Suitable for air exchange between air compressors and large material handling equipment.

Water Hose

Heavy duty rubber hose, wear resistant, oxidation resistant, reinforced for demanding and high pressure working environments. Suitable for working conditions with harsh working conditions and high pressure, negative pressure resistance. 

Concrete Pump Washout Systems 

We offer a full line of portable washout systems designed to stand up to the toughest of environments with ease of setup, and cost effectiveness.

Designed to be a portable, EPA-friendly solution for containment of construction site washout material such as: concrete sediment, drywall mud, stucco, and mortar.

Acti-Gel® Concrete Reinforcement Additive

Acti-Gel® 208 is a high-performance additive for the concrete industry that will enhance nearly any concrete application. Acti-Gel® 208 is a high quality, purified, self-dispersing hydrated magnesium aluminosilicate intended for high performance use as a binder, reinforcement additive and anti-settling agent. Available in 12 lb. or 50 lb. paper bags.

CoolCure Concrete Admixture

Cool-Cure concrete admixture converts any typical cement into a Type IV, low-heat cement. The additive works well in manual and automatic dispensing equipment.

Concrete Pump Primer Buckets 

5-gallon high-density polyethylene empty pails (orange or black) with stackable lids. FDA Compliant. High temperature rating.   

Shotcrete – Gunite Wire

Also referred to as shooting wire rolls, swimming pool wire, piano wire, etc. Your high tensile strength music wire comes in 0.35 and 0.42 gauge.

Shotcrete Gunite Tools 

Our large in-store and online selection of specialty shotcrete/gunite tools include, wood, aluminum, and magnesium shotcrete/gunite rods, along with wood hand floats, margin trowels, pointing trowels, plaster trowels, and gunite trowels in specialty sizes.

Shotcrete and Gunite Brooms and Brushes 

Choose from a variety of shotcrete – gunite and concrete brooms and brushes for various texture finishing. From aluminum backed horsehair to nylon concrete brooms and brushes. Straight and angle bristles in various widths.  

Work Gloves 

Glove choices for a variety of applications. Gloves for workers mixing, pouring, sculpting or handling concrete or cement. Palm-coated texture or Composite Knit Gloves for protection and dexterity, leather drivers or fully coated. Many of our styles also have additional features such as insulated, cut resistant, and anti-vibration. Sizes 8 -12.  

Concrete Pump Safety Equipment and Accessories

Check out our wide selection of safety maintenance products and accessories. Our extensive line of safety equipment includes hard hats,  moonflow shotcrete helmets, helmets, safety glasses, safety gloves, disposable respirators,  hearing protection. For your safety maintenance needs, shipped fast and all at a great price.

Hard Hats

Safety helmets and head protection including name brand constructed rated full brim, cap and vented style hard hats, design graphic hard hats and accessories.  All of our hard hats are ANSI approved.  

Remtron Concrete Pump Radio Remotes

Remtron concrete pump handheld extended range remote units, with receiver, antenna and all cables. Watertight and easy to install and maintain. All of our remtron remotes come with a leather safety case, and over the shoulder security strap.